Burn Injury Lawyer: How to deal with Burn Injury Accidents? 11 Definitive Ideas!

Burn Injury Lawyer: Basic details

Injury, for the people who do not understand the meaning of injury, is some kind of damage to your body. Whether it is physically visible damage or internal damage, it is still an injury. Injuries can be caused due to many unfortunate circumstances such as; falls, accidents, weapons, and a fight between two individuals or groups.

Injuries surely leave an impact on the victim’s life. There is one kind of injury, which surely leaves an everlasting impact, in form of a mark behind. This injury is no other than a burn injury. Burn/fire injuries have to face the burden of scars both physical and psychological, and a massive load of medical bills including surgeries.

Burn injuries can be caused both unintentionally and intentionally. But, when it is caused to an individual intentionally, just because of the negligence of someone else, such as a landlord who has not followed the fire safety rules and the building ends up catching fire resulting in burn injuries to the victim. In such cases, the victim can get compensation and sue the person responsible for the damage.

To get such compensation, the victim needs to hire a fire injury attorney or overall a good injury lawyer. Who can help him get the compensation and put the responsible person accountable for his/her negligence?

Burn Injury Statistics: Burn Injuries In The U.S.

Burn injuries are not as common as road accidents especially hit and run situations where you can sue the victimizer, but there is still a noticeable value of burn injures every year.

The occurrence of burn injuries is not only limited to fires. An accident that has the involvement of heat can cause burn injuries.  The American burn association states, the rough estimate of burn injury victims visiting hospitals in need of emergency treatment is 450,000 every year, out of these 450,000, roughly 3,400 are fatal.

  • The major cause of burn injuries in children is hot food or water, which are called pediatric scalding burns. Roughly 200,000 such burn injury cases are reported every year.
  • Roughly, the number of children requiring burn injury treatment is 250,000. 15,000 of these children have to children are hospitalized and roughly 1,100 pass away.
  • 64% of these cases are of men and they account for $4.8 billion of medical bills. However, 36% of these cases are referred to women with accounted medical bills of $2.7 billion.
  • In the U.S, a total of reported burn injury death cases are 3,400, out of which 2,550 alone are caused by house fires, 300 by car accidents, and about 500 due to other causes.

Burn Injury statistics

What causes burn injuries?

Burn injuries are caused by heat doing damage to the tissues of the body. 44 percent of burn injuries are caused by flames and fires, says the Centers for disease control (CDC). A third most common cause of home deaths is also no other than directly fire or fire-related burns. The main causes of burn injuries are mentioned below:

  • Hot liquids: One main reason for burn injuries is some kind of hot liquid or steam.
  • Contact with a direct heat source: 9% of the cases are because of contact with the direct heat source such as coal, hot stove, and others.
  • Electricity: Electric burns are another reason for burn injuries and it accounts for 4% of them.
  • Other reasons for burn injuries are chemicals, natural gas accidents, explosions, and so on.

Common Causes of Burn Injury

Types of Burn Injuries and Treatments: 1st degree, 2nd degree, 3rd degree, and 4th degree

Burn injuries have different types called 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-degree burns. Sometimes these degrees of burns are also referred to as partial thickness burns and full-thickness burns. These injuries are classified depending on their severity and the damage they are causing to the organs.

The kind of burn can be identified mainly by two factors, first by the time heat has been in touch with the skin/the time for which the skin was in contact with the heat source.

The second is the temperature, i.e., the temperature of the heat source. We will be briefly discussing all the types respectively below and then we will discuss how can you contact a burn injury lawyer.

First-degree burns injury:

  • These are referred to as partial thickness.
  • They mainly cause non-blistered skin with redness with slight selling.
  • Heals away in a few days.
  • Putting the burnt area/ burnt skin under slightly cold water (not too cold or icy) and applying some ointment will most likely heal it in a few days, but if it does not heal after some time, visit a doctor.

Second-degree burns injury:

  • They are also termed partial thickness.
  • These burns cause damage to more than just the first layer of the skin.
  • To heal such burns at home, let them cool (not too cold) water flow over it, put some ointment onto it.
  • These burns take 2-3 weeks to get fully recovered but they might leave a scar behind.
  • If the burn continuous to hurt after 2-3 weeks or isn’t recovered, you should see a doctor.

Third-degree burns injury:

  • These burns are also called full-thickness burns.
  • These burns damage two layers of the skin or all the layers of the skin.
  • These burns are so severe that they damage the organs and the bones too.
  • These burns don’t appear red, instead, they appear brown, white, or black since the skin is completely burnt.
  • They cannot be treated at home. They need proper medication and surgeries to heal. Hence anyone with 3rd-degree burns should see a doctor immediately.
  • 4th-degree burns are almost the same but more severe, they involve bone and muscle. There is no feeling of burn or pain since the nerve endings are destroyed.

Why should you hire a burn injury lawyer?

After your loved one has suffered from a burn injury, the first thing you will probably think of is to sue the responsible party for negligence on their part, if any. Moreover, this can help you get good compensation for your medical bills, which of course is a major factor.

For this job to be done nicely, you need good burn injuries attorney. A question arises, why do you need a burn injuries lawyer when the insurance company or the prosecutor can run the same investigation. The answer is simple, people assuming that they will find the origin of the fire and then put the responsible person accountable for the negligence is not true.

A prosecutor’s job is to find out whether a crime was committed by an individual or not and the insurance company on the other hand will try its best to lower down the compensation amount they have to pay (as they say, insurance companies are never your friend).

Now let’s see what a reliable experienced burn injury lawyer or an attorney will do. For instance, the reason for the fire was a heater explosion, he will send it for a forensic to check what caused the explosion. After the report, he can end up with a conclusion as below:

  • He can put the landlord accountable for not having fire extinguishers and a smoke alarm installed.
  • He can make the manufacturer held responsible for manufacturing a faulty device.
  • He can put the laborer, typically an electrician, responsible for doing a below standard job.

Just like the above-mentioned conclusions, he can put the actual responsible person directly under the spotlight and hold them responsible for what happened because of them. Hence, you should hire an experienced burn injury lawyer.

Burn Injury infographics

When should you hire a burn injury lawyer?

When should you hire a burn attorney, this is the type of question every burn injury victim has in their head. The best possible answer to this question is “when you or your loved one has become a victim of the burn injury, you should talk to and hire experienced burn injury attorneys/lawyer.

Representing yourself in the court of law and dealing with the insurance companies has a high risk of not getting enough compensation. The insurance companies are never your true friend; they will try to cut off as much compensation as they can so that they do not have to pay much. So, here an experienced burn injury lawyer will play his part.

The burn victim lawyer that you will hire will try his level best to get your case treated under the best possible and relatable lawsuit. He will furthermore deal with the insurance companies and get you as much compensation as much as you deserve.

Hence, when you or your loved one has become a victim, instantly hire an experienced burn injury attorney or a fire accident lawyer for that matter.

How are burn injury settlements calculated?

Burn injuries are one of the most traumatic, complicated, and mostly too expensive to treat. If a 1st-degree burn does not get healed and gets infected, it needs medical attention and treatment. These treatments and surgeries can cost hundreds of dollars to the victim himself.

To protect the victim from overburdening himself, the compensations and the settlements are calculated. These settlements are given by the responsible person behind the accident, or by the government or the insurance companies.

Burn injury settlement calculation includes the following steps.

  • Checking the liability to be clear: In this step, there is a legal check for the fact, is there any individual responsible for the damages and harms. If an individual is legally proved to be the responsible person, in such a case, the settlement is usually high.
  • In case of permanent and serious burn injuries: In such a case the settlement can include your future medical expenses and can cause an increase in the settlements.
  • In case the liable parties do not have deep enough pockets, the settlement can still be less because of their small insurances and not enough deep pockets. So for that consult the best burn injury lawyer to look into your case

Thus it is of utmost importance to contact a burn injury law firm and discuss all the minute details that you remember with the burn attorneys.

What are the types of Burn Injury Lawsuits?

Just like other accidents, burn injury accidents have various lawsuits as well. It depends on the severity and the nature of the case to identify the lawsuit which is to be brought into action. Various burn injury lawsuits are discussed below:

  • The first one of the types is a personal injury lawsuit. If an individual is responsible for the harms caused to you, he is liable to be treated under this lawsuit, now the court will decide what to do with the victimizer. One example can be taken as a drunk driver driving and ending up crashing somewhere, resulting in a fire that caused you burns.
  • The second one is premises liability; if you are caused burns at someone’s property that lacked requisite security measures such as smoke alarms and fire extinguishers, the owner of the premises is liable to be brought under the lawsuit.
  • The third is; product liability. If a product you are using such as a mobile phone, laptop, air conditioner catches fire causing you to burn, you can sue the manufacturer.
  • Workplace accidents are another type; if you got burns at your workplace due to a lack of security measures, you can sue your boss.
  • Another type is wrongful death, which lets you compensate for the expenses such as medical bills, funeral expenses of the deceased individual.

What are the benefits of filing a burn injury lawsuit?

It is always beneficial to file a lawsuit for the accident you went through because of someone. The benefits of filing a burn injury lawsuit are as follows:

  • It will help you to take legal action against the responsible individual behind your losses.
  • It will bring you compensations and settlements which will reduce the burden on you.
  • Medical bills are easier to handle.
  • Additional compensations might include; lost wages, sensation loss, suffering from pains and aches.

All of this can be done with the help of a burn injury attorney, so it’s always good to hire one burns lawyer.

A burn injury lawyer is explaining what can be done post the accident in the video.

How much compensation do you get for a burn injury?

After you face the burn injury incident, as we have said earlier, the case should be given to a burn injury lawyer. He will fight for you and give you the highest fire burn injury settlement.

But, most of the time, people have this question in their minds regarding burn injury compensation payouts.

For that you do not need a burn compensation calculator, it depended on different factors. To cite an example, 3rd-degree burn settlement amounts differ from 2nd-degree burn settlement amounts. This burn claim playout also differs from the chemical burn at work compensation amount.

That is why it is very difficult to exactly predict the burn injury settlement.

The factors on which the burn victim settlements depends are given below but not limited to:

  • The intention of the defendant who caused the burn injury to you.
  • The severity of your injury as a 3rd-degree burn causes more damages.
  • How much the defendant can pay for the settlement.
  • The place where and how the accident took place.

You will get a higher settlement amount due to the severe pain and permanent scarring on your body.

Note here that you not only get compensation for the physical pain, but also the emotional and mental pain that you went through. Scarring and disfigurement on the body caused by burn are very tough to handle. The victim goes through depression, feels embarrassed, and faces different emotional pain.

Suppose a plaintiff has scars on his body or on his neck. He will get lesser compensation than someone who has a badly burned face as in the latter’s case, society will first notice her face. It may be an embarrassment for her, thus higher compensation.

So, to cut it short, the settlement will vary from person to person and case to case. Generally, a burn injury lawyer can get you compensation in the range between $50,000 to $10 million.

What you should do if you have suffered a burn injury?

A well-thought process and steps should be taken in case of an accident. Similarly, well-thought steps should be taken after burn injuries. Which are as follows:

  1. First step: As always, do not panic and stay calm.
  2. call 911 instantly: Even if you have 1st degree or 2nd-degree burns, seek medical attention to be sure they will not cause serious damage.
  3. If you are taken to a hospital for medical attention, get a copy of your medical records.
  4. Get your injuries documented: this will help you in future compensations and settlements, so keep a record of the injuries and treatment.
  5. Contact a burn injury lawyer: this is the most important step if you require good compensation. Talk to an experienced house fire insurance lawyer and hire them to represent you.

Burn Injury Lawyer: The Bottom Line

In conclusion, it can be said, burn injuries are one of the most harm-causing and complicated injuries. One needs to take them seriously and seek medical attention instantly. One must talk to an experienced and successful burn injury lawyer so that the responsible individual or organization can be held accountable.

In case you are unsure as to what to do and whether to contact a burn injury lawyer, you can message us here. We will give you suggestions.

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