Hit and Run Accident Lawyer: 10 Important Things you need to know!

Hit and Run Accident: Statistics

Accident, what is an accident? An accident is kind of a common term nowadays since they happen every second in some part of the globe.

An accident is every unfortunate incident/happening that takes place unintentionally and unexpectedly without leaving a signal before it’s happening and leaving some kind of loss behind whether it is in the form of physical loss of an individual, capital loss, or loss of government property.

Accidents are of various kinds since every loss causing unexpected and unintentional happening can be called an accident. But, we will stick to road-related accidents, which are hit and run accidents.

Every year, millions of accidents take place, and consequently, millions of people die every year. If we talk specifically about hit and run accidents, every year, an average of 682,000 hit and run accidents take place taking away the lives of the victims. You can check out this site for details. And the irony is, they keep on increasing every year with a visible increase.

In this article, we will be discussing all the aspects of hit and run accidents, talk about hit and run accident lawyer. We will furthermore talk about the actions which should be taken by a victim of a hit-and-run accident, the lawsuit that the victim needs to opt for, and the kind of attorney that an individual requires to win him justice from the courts. Moreover, we will talk about the insurances for hit and run cases.

Hit and Run Accident Statistics


What are hit and run accidents?

As we have mentioned before, hit and run accidents are directly road-related accidents. These accidents can be defined as incidents when a person (usually driving a car or a motorbike or any means of conveyance) unintentionally and unexpectedly hits another motorbike, bicycle, motorcar, or a pedestrian, causing some kind of harm or damage to the victim himself/herself or their property.

After this incident, if the person who has hit someone flees from the scene to hide his/her identity and avoid the responsibility, such an accident will be termed a hit and run accident.

For such an incident, hit and run lawsuit shall be opted. A hit and run accident lawyer or hit and run attorney shall be consulted. In case, the victimizer stops by to claim the responsibility of the happening, provide his/her identity and offer to repay the damages done, this accident shall not be treated under a hit and run lawsuit. Whereas, laws may differ from state to state.

Such a situation, where you have to go through all the pain and the responsible person does not even stop to help you out and flees the scene, can become overly disturbing and confusing.

Why do the hit and run accidents happen?

Every kind of accident takes place due to the irresponsible/casual behavior or negligence of one or both parties involved in the accident.

If we talk particularly about the hit and run accidents, they happen mostly because of the reason mentioned above.

As mentioned before, mostly those cases are to be treated under the hit and run lawsuit in which the victimizer flees the scene. These cases often happen where the victimizer flees the hit scene if the victimizer is;

  • Driving when drunk.
  • Under the extreme stress of some kind.
  • Driving a car that is not insured.
  • Driving a stolen or borrowed means of conveyance (typically a car).
  • Driving without a license or driving with an expired/blocked/license which is suspended.
  • Has some kind of illegal or stolen items under possession.

What should you do after a hit and run accident?

There is always a proper way to handle a situation, one step wrong and you might mess up the whole scenario even more. There are a few steps you need to make sure of and these are preferable to be taken when dealing with a hit and run accident. In the future, in case you meet with and hit and run accident, it is advisable to take the following steps.

  • Stay calm and do not panic, since it has been recorded that panic has mostly caused more trouble to the victims of some unfortunate circumstances. Panic is a natural part of the human psyche, but you need to have control over it.
  • Another wrongdoing the victims usually do is they try to chase the victimizer/another driver. This in return can undermine their claim or you might end up hitting someone else when you are in a rush.
  • Calling 911, your local emergency helpline, or some relatives of yours is the preferable first step you need to take.
  • If you think you are losing a lot of blood or need immediate medical attention, shout for help and seek attention.
  • If you find yourself, okay and you can stand up and walk, immediately take pictures of your injuries, crash site, and damage to your property if any.
  • Find witnesses and ask them details about the other driver or possibly the registration number of the other car that has fled the scene.
  • Moreover, avoid major contact and conversations with the people at the scene.
  • Honestly tell everything to the police when they arrive.
  • After seeking enough medical help and requisite treatment/aid, consult a hit and run attorney or a traffic accident lawyer.

What if you can’t identify the driver?

In some cases, the victimizer/the other driver successfully flees away from the scene without getting identified and getting witnesses. In such a scenario, you need to opt for a different strategy.

The questions popping up in your brain would be, what would happen now? How will I pay my bills? Will I be able to get any compensation for the losses I have undergone?

Fret not, because there is still a way to ease yourself if not completely get rid of your troubles. This time your insurance company will come into action, but the compensation totally depends on the insurance you’ve purchased.

In no-fault insurance, if you are proved innocent and not responsible for the scenario, your insurance company will pay your medical bills, car repair bills, and others if any. But, this also is limited to the amount of insurance you have or according to the state laws.

Can you sue someone for a hit and run?

After you have gotten yourself involved in a hit and run accident, and you are the victim of that accident, whether you are a pedestrian, a motorist, cyclist, or a biker -doesn’t matter.

One question you are going to ask yourself, in fact, all victims of a hit and run accident would ask themselves is, can I sue the person who caused me all of this trouble?

The answer is YES, you can sue the victimizer/responsible person for the accident.

You can sue them if they had fled from the scene but they get identified and caught later on. If the responsible person stops by himself to aid you, the possibilities are that you will not be able to sue them in court.

Hit and Run Accident lawyer lawsuit attorney

Should you get lawyers for hit and run accident?

Once you have decided to sue the victimizer, the next question you will ask yourself is whether to hire lawyers for hit and run accident. The answer is YES, you should get yourself a hit and run accident lawyer/attorney or a traffic accident lawyer.

Since you are a victim of a hit and run accident, your case will be treated under the hit and run lawsuit. A knowledgeable and experienced hit and run accident lawyer will help you in all possible ways to prove yourself innocent and the victim so that you can get some settlements for the loss you went through. This might include a reduction in medical bills, car repair bills, and insurance money.

In some cases, when the victimizer had fled from the scene, he/she might also face the penalty which is triple the total loss value.

hit and run accident lawyer

How can a hit and run accident lawyer help me?

Hit and run accident cases are a part of personal injury cases. Basically, a personal injury lawyer who has enough experience in handling accident injury cases can help a lot in these cases.

After you meet with an accident, you will not be in a state to do all things by yourself. In most cases, you may get severely injured and bedridden. In some cases, you might not be that much injured due to the accident.

In both cases, you have the damages. The damages should not necessarily be physical, it can be also mental.

The pain you go through, the mental trauma you face- nothing can compensate for this.

But, in case you are severely injured, you will have medical and other expenses. In this case, the hit and run accident lawyer comes to the rescue.

They will calculate all the damages and you will get the compensation. They will negotiate all the settlements on your behalf and you will get a large amount of compensation.

But, when the insurance company will do the deal with you, in that case, you will get less compensation, e.g.,  for your medical expenses, and etc.

How to choose a hit and run accident lawyer?

With the advancement of technology, it has become quite easy to find a reasonable and experienced hit and run accident lawyer/hit and run lawyer with a good repute.

It is no surprise that in this twenty-first century, everyone has a smartphone and a good internet connection. You just need to open your browser and search for “hit and run attorney near me”. If you are in Florida you can search for “Best Florida lawyer hit and run accident”.

It has also become quite easy for you to be aware of your rights, rules, and regulations of the area you are living in. For example, if you live in Texas, you can search for “Texas hit and run laws.

Hence, when you will be aware of the laws of your state, you will know which hit and run accident lawyer can provide you the services you require.

How much compensation could you get after a hit and run accident?

Another question everyone would ask would be about the financial compensation they will get or in simpler words, the money they can get.

The answer to this question is simple, if the other driver stops by to pay for the damages he has caused, you will get money for almost every damage if the things between you and the other driver work out.

In case, the other driver has fled from the scene but later on gets identified, the court will make him pay for all your medical and other bills if any with an added penalty to punish the driver for this careless behavior.

In another case, if the driver has fled from the scene and was not identified, later on, your insurance company will pay your bills. However, this also depends on the amount of insurance you have.

For example, if you have a 50,000/$100,000 liability policy in North Carolina, the insurance company will at most pay $50,000 for a person and a total amount of $100,000 per accident.

Moreover, as per laws and insurance policies in North Carolina, the hit and run victim can collect the amount from the auto insurance policy for the car and the amount from the insurances they have bought for their car.

Things you should avoid doing after a car accident

We have discussed what to do in case you become a victim of a hit and run accident. Similarly, it would be wise to discuss the things which should not be done. Below mentioned are 5 things you should not do when a victim of a hit and run accident or you are the responsible person behind the accident.

  1. Never leave the scene, always keep in mind that you will be considered as a hit and run driver only if you try to flee from the scene. If you stay at the scene and try to aid the other person/victim, your case will not be treated under the hit and run lawsuit.
  2. Do not fail to gather important evidence from the witnesses, if you fail to collect the important evidence, possibilities are that the victimizer/hit and run driver will never be identified.
  3. Never delay or refuse to seek medical attention. The right thing to do is to care for your health first. If you get enough first aid and medical attention, possibilities of recovery increase.
  4. Never sign any papers from insurance companies until you have spoken to a reputable hit and run accident lawyer or traffic accident lawyer.
  5. Avoid blaming the other driver, since this can cause harsher situations between you two and end up making the situation more complicated.

You can watch the video for some more specific information.

I Am Involved in a Hit and Run: What should I do?

Whatever the case, whether you are the victim or the offender, it’s the unsaid rule that you should not leave the place.

If you are the offender, stand your car in the nearest place and help the victim, if possible. Give your contact details to him/her. Co-operate with the police in the investigation.

Suppose, while parking your car, you accidentally hit another car, then in that case also, don’t flee. It can cost you dearly. What you need to do at that point is to leave a note writing your details such as your name, address, phone number, insurance provider details and etc. in the car.

In case, if you think it is great damage and the owner of the property is not there, contact the police and document everything.

Later contact a hit and run accident attorney and seek help.

Can you recover damages after a hit and run accident?

A question that usually comes from the victim’s side is, who will pay the damage, and can we even recover the damage done?

The answer is YES. Your insurances will cover all the bills yet it depends on the amount of your insurance.

Insurance companies in California, automatically add the uninsured motorist coverage which a client can manually refuse but by default, it is already there.

Uninsured driver insurance automatically covers the driver to cover the bills and expenses after a hit and run accident and offers a settlement, yet again according to the policy limits.

On the other hand, this has a darker side as well, if you own a basic California coverage without additional coverages, your claim usually gets denied by the insurance providers.

It is also suggested that you should have a hit and run insurance policy.

Hit and Run Accident Lawyer: The Bottom Line

In conclusion, we can say that it is better to own a good insurance policy to get your settlements after a hit and run accident and if you are a pedestrian you might get pedestrian hit and run settlements.

Moreover, in this article we have discussed the things you should and should not do after a hit and run accident, this advice will do you good.

Furthermore, never forget to consult a good hit and run accident lawyer/attorney for your lawsuit.

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